The initial sole purpose of Palm Platform was to enhance the candidate experience, we wanted to make it easier for candidates to apply to our roles. It was not developed to offer to other agencies - it's just ended up being too good not to share!

The success of a recruitment agency is determined by the quality of their candidates - therefore your application process needs to be as quick and easy as possible to encourage all candidates browsing to apply. Offering a modern, slick platform to your candidates will also make you stand out from your competitors.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Since its creation, Palm Platform has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Candidates are thrilled to be able to browse jobs whilst on the move, swipe through live vacancies and apply to multiple roles at once. The increased transparency that comes with the instant application updates has meant that candidates are more likely to trust the agency and appreciate not having their time needlessly wasted waiting for feedback.



  • Candidates can make a profile within minutes from a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. 

  • The process is quick and simple so accessible to applicants of varying technical abilities.

  • All candidates who create a profile will automatically be stored in your CRM, even without applying to any roles enabling recruiters to find them at a later date. 

  • Each time you change their application status within your CRM, the candidate will be notified immediately via their profile.


“I have never applied to jobs in this way before, it is so unique and is actually fun to use. It’s super helpful being able to track my applications but most of all I love how I can browse and apply to jobs anywhere - even when I’m on the bus!” 

Emily, Candidate