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Palm Platform is a tool for Recruiters made by Recruiters. The platform is designed to streamline the recruitment process and maximise efficiency. Saving your agency time and money.

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Image by Sean Pollock


  • Every candidate that creates a profile is automatically saved in Bullhorn.

  • Your database is therefore not limited to the number of candidates you choose to upload, which often only includes the candidates that you need at that time.  

  • You can choose what information you'd like candidates to provide when signing up - improving the quality of the information within your CRM. 


  • Roles on your website are automatically added and removed when jobs are added and closed within Bullhorn. 

  • Candidates receive notifications when you change their status in Bullhorn, saving you having to notify them each time. 

  • All applications can be dealt with from one place - either your recruiter dashboard within the platform or from within Bullhorn. Actions in one will be reflected in the other.

  • Applications no longer arrive via email - keeping your inboxes clear. 

Image by Brooke Cagle


  • This slick, modern platform will offer your candidates a unique experience not offered by your competitors

  • The platform is fully customisable. You can modify its features and appearance to match your branding.

  • The analytic function within Palm Platform will provide thorough insights to your candidate behavior 

  • Start to truly understand your candidates to improve the performance of your agency 

“Our database is bigger and better than ever. The new platform has attracted some very strong applicants and they’re all automatically stored in our CRM. Now, more often than not, the best place to resource from is our existing database – which is something our competitors can’t access. It’s saving us so much time and has seriously reduced our need to pay for jobs boards.”

Eve, Recruitment Resourcer

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