Palm Platform is a fully customisable candidate job portal which integrates with both your website and your CRM. Currently, it is only available to agencies using Bullhorn CRM.

Not currently using Bullhorn CRM but happy to move? We can manage your migration quicker and cheaper than most migration providers.  

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The Candidate Experience

Your candidates will view your roles on your website as normal. When they go to apply to a role, they will be diverted to Palm Platform, tailored with your company branding. They can view your roles with a simple sign-up, using the filter function to narrow their search. To apply to any roles, they will be required to create a profile. Once a profile is created, they will automatically be pulled into Bullhorn as a new candidate. Once they apply to a role, they will be automatically associated with that vacancy within Bullhorn.


Candidates can track their applications within their profile.

The Recruiter Experience

The recruiter now has just ONE simple thing to do in order to post a new role on your website and receive candidates automatically into Bullhorn ready for review - and that is to enter add a new vacancy to Bullhorn. That is it - a 1 minute process! The role will automatically be pulled onto any page you choose on your website. Candidates will automatically be pulled into Bullhorn and associated to the roles that have applied for. 

You can review applicants and reject or shortlist them from either Bullhorn or the recruiter dashboard within Palm Platform. They sync, so action in one will be reflected in the other.

  • No more manually posting vacancies on your website

  • No more manually uploading candidates to Bullhorn

  • No more application forms for candidates to complete

  • No more inboxes full of CV's



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