Through its intuitive analytics function, Palm Platform will help you unlock your agency's potential. 

Do you truly understand the number of candidates interacting with your website, what roles they are interested in, what your conversion rate is from roles being viewed to candidates being shortlisted?


Palm Platform will track all activity, will analyse your candidate's behavior and will closely monitor each role.

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  • View how many people are ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ each job

  • See a clear breakdown of which vacancies are receiving the most applications

  • Find out where you have a surplus of candidates and understand where you’re experiencing a shortage of talent

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  • The number of new profiles being created 

  • The amount of daily interactions

  • The number of applications you’re receiving 

  • The number of candidates being rejected vs shortlisted for roles

  • How your candidates hear of you

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  • How many candidates are rejected

  • How many candidates are being shortlisted 

  • How many candidates are being submitted to your clients

  • How many candidates are invited to interview

  • How many candidates are placed


"The analytics available within Palm Platform have given me a much better understanding of my business. I can better assess where we should be spending our time and money. We can clearly see where our marketing strategy has been most effective and what more needs to be done in certain areas." 

Philippa, Managing Director